Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Egret and the Dragonfly

Please click on the egret twice to see the dragonfly. I didn't see him either until I downloaded the picture this morning. (The dragonfly got away.)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Sky is Falling!

Click to see the Kingfisher at Eastern University

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I met a marvelous corporate photographer named Dave Moser about a month ago. He came to our camera club and showed his work and spoke on the art of photography. I was totally enthralled with his presentation, his beautifully exquisite portraits, and his philosophy on life. The next day I wrote to him expressing my appreciation and offering to assist him on any future photography shoots he was planning, saying I would be happy to hold up reflector cards or help set up lighting or whatever. He wrote back and said he didn't need a volunteer for that type of assistance, but he did need a model for his current project called "Housewives." For the last few months he has been putting together a portfolio of photographs of housewives in their own homes. Each photograph is a work of art. He showed a few of the housewives at our meeting and they were just terrific. All fun and very unusual. I thought - what the heck - I could learn how a real photographer works, so I readily agreed.

He came over last week and took photographs of every single room in our house including the bathrooms, the basement, the attic and all over outside. When he left he said he would be back this week with his crew. I should be prepared with at least five or six different outfits for a day of shooting. Ken and Yumiko were not allowed to be home.

Oh, what to do. Since I stopped working I have basically become a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal. But this was the chance of a lifetime. I needed new clothes and needed them quickly! I mentioned this to my good friend Barbara who is just about the same size as I am and has a wardrobe to die for. This past Monday she came over with two shopping bags full of beautiful skimpy black dresses, blue dresses, sleeveless and low cut tops, and one very beautiful cream colored silk negligee. Oh my!!! I tried on every single outfit with various pieces of jewelry and modeled everything for Ken, Yumiko and Barbara. They said I passed the test and would have no worries come the day of the photo shoot.

Well -- Today was the day. Dave and his crew got here at 8:00 and by 8:15 I was wearing a green sleeveless top, short shorts and standing by the lawn mower in the back yard. I then changed into a light blue little short dress with short sleeves and a VERY revealing neckline. Dave had me climb up on the roof and stand there with another guy on the roof holding a reflector. After taking what seemed like a hundred photographs, I climbed back down, changed into a polkadot blouse and tan trousers and crawled down the outside steps full of spiders and dead leaves to our basement where we had another photo shoot.

Then it was up to the third floor bathroom where I got in the claw foot tub and hid behind the shower curtain. I was not brave enough to bare all, but with a towel wrapped around my little body, and ducking down into the tub, it kind of looked as if I had.

After the tub, I squeezed into my old wedding dress and went out into the front yard and sat down with my knees up to my chest while a neighbor drove by and asked if I was getting married again.

The piece de resistance was when I changed into the cream colored shear silk negligee with the low neckline, and the slit up the side and posed in the open garage with all the old pots and tomato cages and a ladder or two. All while our neighbor's plumbing and heating guys were looking on.
I don't get to see any of these photos for a few months, so I'm sorry, you won't be able to either. Once they are completed and ready for viewing they will be included in Dave's website at You can go there now and see a few of the other brave souls who have posed for him.

Here's a link to his project which includes three pictures of our shoot.  See if you can find me!

Just another day on this great planet.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

This Does Not Look Good (Click to see how bad it is.)

Stolen Goods

Follow the sequence below to see a poor little seagull catch a fish, accidentally drop the fish, and then have his evil friend steal the fish and fly away. Sad, sad...