Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Last Step

This little baby sea turtle joined dozens of other newly hatched babies this afternoon in Tortuguero, Costa Rica and entered the Caribbean Ocean to start the treacherous  journey of life.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

We are here in Costa Rica

Yumiko and I arrived two days ago and what an adventure it has been already!!  Yumiko was carrying two cameras and two lenses in her back pack as we were heading off to photograph the baby turtles emerging from the sand and running out to the sea.  As she was walking she mentioned to me the walkway was mighty slippery.  And before we knew it, she had slipped down on her back - SLAM!!  She was totally O.K., but when we opened the camera covers, glass everywhere.....  Luckily only the glass filters on each camera had shattered.  The lenses and cameras were just fine.  Sheesh.....  Here are a few photos from yesterday's shoot.
Yumiko and fellow photographer Scott taking pictures of baby turtles returning to the sea

Three Toed Sloth welcoming us to Costa Rica

Spider Monkey not too thrilled we have arrived in Costa Rica

Little Red Eyed Frog taken last night in the garden  of our hotel

Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Harrier has Returned

So wonderful to see this handsome hawk in Valley Forge today.  I saw him far in the distance, just standing on the ground.  I took his photo, then advanced about ten steps and took another.  Then advanced another ten steps and took another and on and on.  He let me get so close.  What a thrill to see this beauty up close.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Working on a Little Photo Book for Natalie and Pete Stepanoff

Natalie and Pete about to Tie the Knot
O.K., We are going to do this!!
Flower Girl and Icon Girl
The Priests

The  newest little Stepanoff

The Brothers
More Yeah!!!
Mom and Grandmother of the Groom

Natalie looking for the Groom

Still Looking

And Still Looking

Here he comes.  Yes that is the groom!!

Floating on down (rather fast I might say)

Still coming

About to touch down!!

Open Arms - That's Natalie's bouquet!!

Made it!!
Love Sweet Love

Love those Goggles

And the Hug

And the Bagpipes

And another Kiss

Mom and others watching the dancing

Natalie - beautiful Natalie

And the rest is history

Monday, November 5, 2018

Pete and Natalie Get Married

On Sunday, Yumiko and I went to the wedding of Natalie Butler and Pete Stepanoff.  We took thousands of photographs and I am now slogging through all of them.  This is one of Yumiko's many gems.  More to come!!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Lincoln's Sparrow

The Cutest Spider EVER!

I found this little jumping spider on a tall leafless spine of some kind of plant in the woods in Valley Forge.  When I first saw him he was crawling up a thread of something he had spun (not jumping).  Then he saw me or my lens and was just as curious as could be.  Not fearful at all, he jumped closer and closer and finally I lost him when I think he may have jumped onto me.  Here are two photos.  Click on the photo to expand and just look at those four eyes!