Saturday, December 23, 2017

Ten Pointer in the Rain

I was soaking wet this morning in Valley Forge, but happy as a clam.  I found the great horned owl asleep on a low branch right in front of me.  As I was trying to get the raincoat away from the camera dials, the owl opened his eyes very wide, stood up straight and took off before I could get a shot.  I quickly followed him across the woods and along the way - right in front of me - there was "The Boss".  A huge ten point buck just standing there begging me to take his picture with an over the shoulder pose.  Life does not get better! Click The Boss to get the full effect of all that rain and all that muscle and all those antlers.

Owl Being Harassed by Crows

Yesterday as I was walking in Valley Forge I heard crows barking in a remote corner of the woods.  I hauled my big lens and me over lots of dead trees to finally get to the racket.  There must have been 15 crows harassing this beautiful but highly annoyed Great Horned Owl.  She was not happy to see me either. Click owl to see her annoyance.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Great Horned Owl in Valley Forge

I went through the woods yesterday  and when I got to the point of deciding to keep going or turn back, I doubled back around the edge to go the other way.  As I turned a corner there, just a few feet away was the beautiful and rarely seen Great Horned Owl perched on a low branch.  She was quite sleepy (or else quite sneaky as she didn't open her eyes much.) It is so rare for me to see this gal out in the open.  Such a thrill.  I took my time and took lots of photographs and she just stayed and stared and then turned her head and looked off into the distance. When I picked up my tripod to get a little closer, she said "Enough" and off she flew with her fat little squat body to another perch hidden in the woods where she could sleep in peace.

Sunday, December 10, 2017