Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Bird Island!!!

I'm here on Bird Island in the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean east of Tanzania.  Truly a tropical island and a bird lover's paradise.  I'm here with two of my favorite photographers, Denise Ippolito and Paul McKenzie.  It is hotter than hot (at least 100 degrees most days), totally humid, bugs galore, but the photographic opportunities are incredible.  Here's a few of what we've found so far.

Tortoise at Sunrise on the Beach

Tiny Hermit Crab at Dawn

Talking to the Blue Crab

Fairy Tern Showing me her egg!!!!

Baby Fairy Tern waiting for Mom

Giant Tortoise - Could be over 100 years old

Blue Crab - My Favorite

Momma Fairy Tern feeding a fish to her baby

Noddy Terns in the Boudoir

Fruit Still Life

Tropic Bird - Look at that Tail

 Noddy Tern with Nesting Material

Noddy Terns in Love

Noddy Tern and Red Flower

Another of Mom and Babe Fairy Tern

Baby Noddy Tern


Tuesday, July 2, 2024

"Bluebirds" win Second Place in BetterPhoto March Contest!!

Mr. Bluebird offering a little treat to his sweetie.  This was at Brightside Park near our house in Charlestown Meadows.

Macrosiagon - Otherwise known as the Wedge Shaped Beetle - Look at those Antennae!!

Brand new bug for me.  And not such a good one.  I learned that they hang around flowers that wasps like.  Then the female beetle lays her eggs.  The eggs hatch and the larvae are carried by the wasp to their own nests.  "Instead of eating both the wasp's egg and the pollen stored in the nest, the wedge-shaped beetle larva waits for the host's egg to hatch, then burrows into the wasp larva. It consumes the larva from the inside for a while, then rips its way out of its still-living host, wraps itself around the poor host's neck like a spiny collar, and proceeds to eat away at its victim from the outside, eventually killing it." (Insects Their Natural History and Diversity). Oh what a world!