Friday, March 31, 2023

Morning in Charlestown Meadows

It always amazes me how different it is when you get up early and get that morning light.  I left for a walk in the woods at about 7:00 this morning.  It was chilly, but a good chilly.  I walked the back way past the gazebo and the bogs.  When I got to the woods there was a pair of mourning doves building their nest.  Picking up sticks right along the path and then flying over to the nest and putting the stick on the nest.  Then return and pick up another stick.  I had so much fun just trying to keep up with this dove.

Then after the dove I found two eastern phoebes - always the first to migrate through our area.  Here they are:  Click on the picture and look at those cuties.

Monday, March 27, 2023

The Peepers!!! Valley Forge

 It had rained for the last few days and I hoped the vernal pools in Valley Forge had formed and the American toads would be there doing their annual mating dance.  But when I got there, the pools had not yet formed.  Still too dry....  Darn.   I decided to take my long walk through the woods to the river walk.   I got through the woods and not a thing was moving, but then when I got to the big field I began to hear the peepers.  Oh, they were having a field day.  I had to walk all the way through the field to a path that would take me to the pools.  When I got there I just kept as still as I could be.  The peepers will all stop in an instant if they feel threatened.  I was just as still as I could be and had to train my eyes to actually see these teeny tiny little frogs doing their mating dance.  I found them and had the time of my life. They got used to me and let me take photos while continuing to go about their bubble blowing.   Not many spectacular shots, but a few that I liked.

Face to Face - If you look closely you can see my reflection in his blown up chin.

Tiny Peeper hugging a big green frog

The little peeper.  Can you see how little?  Look at the comparison to the frog and the leaf.  That is just a small three inch leaf.

Thursday, March 9, 2023

The Harrier

I found Mrs. Harrier today in Valley Forge.  I stayed with her for probably a good hour taking thousands of no good photos.  But here are a few culled from all the others that I kind of liked.


Wednesday, March 8, 2023

More Photos As a Result of Ray

I'm still going out almost every day, but my focus recently has been to follow Ray's lead.  Take off the teleconverter for a while and photograph more of the scene.  Sometimes that means the subject is smaller in the frame.  I have not had much of a chance to practice, but at least am conscious of the concept.