Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Valley Forge Coyotes (Click photos for better view)

A few weeks ago I saw a fleeting glimpse of a coyote in Valley Forge. Then a few days ago after it snowed, I saw two coyotes chasing each other far off in the distance.  Then the day before yesterday I saw my two coyotes in the field and was able to get reasonably close to get a photo.  Today... Oh today.... I went to Valley Forge early hoping I would get lucky again.  But as I entered the big field I saw two other photographers waiting in the brush hoping for the coyote and I knew it
was not my time.  So I doubled back and decided to take a different path. As I was walking along the side of the woods a truck with a wonderful park employee came driving by on the field road.  He stopped and we had a great conversation about the park and its beauty and the wonderful wildlife.  I asked him if he knew where the coyotes were and he said yes....  And he showed me photos of coyotes he had taken with his cell phone.  I was amazed.  I came back to Valley Forge late in the afternoon today.  I walked up County Line Road and was stopped by a park employee saying I was not allowed on the road because of the asbestos removal and I had better get off the road immediately.  I held my tongue and politely asked if it were O.K. if I walked in the field. He said yes.  We bid goodbye and I walked in the field until I came to the place where the other much nicer park employee told me the coyote den was.  I crouched on a ledge overlooking the den with a lot of weeds in my face.  I waited a long time, but finally I saw a little movement.  There was the beautiful coyote and she was transporting her brand new little babies from one part of the location to another.  I took lots of photographs - all a little fuzzy, but truly amazing none the less.  After she transported the second baby and knowing I was there I decided to fold up my equipment and head on home and rejoice in the beauty of the world.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Valley Forge First Day of Spring

The harrier was flying over the fields and the coyote came out into the open.  Oh, it's going to be a good spring.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Ken and Yumiko and More Lessons in Life

I'm not sure if I have become a true believer that you can communicate with the dearly departed, but I am getting closer every day.  Now I know some will think this is crazy, but I have been talking to Ken a lot as I drive out to Valley Forge and often when I am walking in the fields.  And it feels so good and I feel like I really am talking to him and he is listening.  Let me go back a few weeks and give you an example of how this has been evolving.  Yumiko had called me on the phone from NYU.  She was quite stressed as she had a lot of tests and was worried and tired and just needed somebody to listen and comfort her.  Instead of being a comfort, I was my old bossy self and told her in a mean way that she needed to get more rest, eat more food, stop worrying so much,  make more friends, play more.  Just awful.

We hung up the phone and immediately I could feel Ken frowning down at me.  Saying, "Kitty, stop micro managing!  Let Yumiko be."  It was so real.  I could feel his disapproval so strongly.  I tried to call Yumiko back, but no answer.  I texted her, no answer.  I face timed her, no answer.  So I just sat and stewed for about an hour.  Finally Yumiko called me back.  And Yumiko being Yumiko apologized for not answering my calls.  Then she said during that time she was writing a letter to her dad about her old ma. She needed him to comfort her and he did.

My oh my oh my.  The lessons that man and that beautiful girl keep teaching me.  All is good.  Yumiko forgave me.   I am trying not to be such an old bossy mom.

So.... yesterday afternoon as I was driving out to Valley Forge I asked Ken if he might send a few birds my way.  When I got down into the big field - there was my Harrier Hawk just as beautiful as she could be.  And a beautiful Kestrel and my young red tailed hawk.  All there to greet me.  Click on each to see the beauty in their eyes.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

My Little Red Tail (Click Photo for better view)

This little beauty flew right up to a low branch of the tree where I was standing in Valley Forge this morning. We talked as the snow fell and then she flew off and caught a poor little meadow lark on the ground.  I walked down and stayed with her while she had breakfast and she let me get within a few feet to take some close ups.  My oh my - the thrill of it all.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Bugs are Back!! Assassin in the Woods Today

I found this guy on a tree.  He must have been a hold over from last fall. The lighting was not good, so I scooped him up in a leaf and put him on some moss on a log and voila!!