Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Mr. and Mrs. Redbelly Have a Secret

O.K. you have to promise not to tell.  I was walking in the woods this morning and heard the little cry of the red bellied woodpecker.  I walked to where she was calling, looked up, and there she was inside the nook of a tree.  After a little while she put her head back in the hole and along came Mr. Red belly.  For some reason the two would not appear together for the camera.  Only one and then the other.  So....  I went out on a limb and took pictures of the Mrs. with her head coming out of her nest, And then I took pictures of Mr. Red Belly, standing on the sidelines.  And then through the magic of Lightroom, I put the two photographs together.

Discussing the Real Estate

Monday, April 22, 2019

Yumiko in the Cherry Tree

We planted this cherry tree some 20 years ago in anticipation of Yumiko coming home to us.  Here she is 20 years later (at the ripe old age of 22).  A more beautiful young woman both inside and out would be hard to find.

Monday, April 8, 2019

When I got to Pawlings Farm this morning, I heard the American Toads.  They were so loud, I could tell from the parking area way up on the hill that they were down in the wetland having one great big party.  I walked down through the Butterly Fields where I took a picture of a palm warbler in back light and then got to the ponds and oh the toads were there.  There could easily have been 1000 toads there.  It was unbelievable.  All singing their love songs.  The water level was just 3/4 up my boot at the shore line.  So I just walked in and had such an amazing time watching and photographing this amazing behavior.  Here are a few of my favorites
Chin Up

"Oh, I love that song."

Unhappy Lovers