Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Two Assassins off of Ship Road

I was taking photographs of an Assassin Bug today in the woods off of ship road, when I heard a bunch of bluejays screaming in the tree above me.
The Assassin Bug

I steppped back to take a look at what the racket was all about and out flew a Cooper's hawk with a bird in his talons.  The hawk flew off to another tree and one of the bluejays came after him, but it was just too darn late.  I think the poor victim was a baby flicker.  (Click photos for better viewing.)
Bluejay screaming at Cooper's hawk who has recently assassinated a baby flicker

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Only One Polar Bear - But What a Polar Bear (Click Images for Better View)

It's June 17th and I've been home a few days and finally feeling like the jet lag has lifted.  We truly had a marvelous time in Svalbard.  I don't know when I have laughed so much.  We had a great group of photographers and friends and spent about seven days on a small ship called "The Stockholm."  We searched the seas every day for hours and hours (the sun never set) and only found one beautiful polar bear far off walking on the shore and then above the shore, but she was so cool.  Rolling in the snow, checking out an outhouse, and just providing a few thrilling moments of pure bliss for this old girl.

Rolling in the Snow


Paws in the Air
Nose in the Snow
Checking out the Outhouse

Saturday, June 3, 2023


We are here in Svalbard, Norway for a long awaited adventure to explore the Arctic Ocean on a small boat with nine other photographers, led by the fabulous, Denise Ippolito.  We all got here a day in advance to ensure no snafus.  So before we actually take off tomorrow, Denise found us a catamaran to take a seven hour cruise around the islands of Svalbard and see what we could see.  The sun is bright and shines 24 hours every day this time of year, making it difficult for good photography, but here are a few shots from our trip just for fun:  Click photo for best viewing.
Land of the Midnight Sun

The Minke Whale

Seventeen Arctic Terns on a Ice Flow

The Arctic Ocean and Gorgeous Landscapes

Another Landscape

More Ancient Geology


The Walrus Taking a Deep Breath

Black Legged Kittywakes Fishing near the Melting Arctic Ice