Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tanzania and Broken Crowns

Well I am headed to Tanzania this morning for two weeks of what hopefully will be a magnificent adventure of wildlife photography in the Serengeti and surrounding area. But in the mean time - the adventure has already begun.  Ken and Yumiko are in Tokyo and I have been home alone with the kittens for a few days.  Yesterday after a full day of packing and getting the house ready for me being away for two weeks I finally got the chance to sit down and have dinner.  This was not before I had gone outside to fill the little hummingbird feeder and let Tango out for her last gasp of fresh air for two weeks.  I put the trash in the shed, went back in the house for a minute and then back out to bring in Tango.  But no Tango!!!  I searched everywhere - under every bush - neighbor's back yards, down the street.   Finally after a half hour I went back to the shed opened the door and there was my baby sitting smiling and patiently waiting for her ma to let her out.

So, I get back in the house,  and at last sit down with a piece of toast and a single egg for dinner.  Bite into the toast - and voila, my tooth breaks.  I cannot believe it.  This cannot be happening.  My plane will take off in 15 hours at 12:00 noon and I must leave the house by 10a.m..  I call the dentist's office, but now it is 9:00 in the evening so I just leave a message with the answering service.  I look on the internet for what to do about a broken tooth in an emergency and the video I watch does not give me great assurance that I am going to solve this problem.

I go to bed and wake up at 6:00, take a shower and at 7:00 sharp the dentist's office calls and says "Can you get here by 7:45?"  Of course!  I get there.   My wonderful dentist Dr. Ken Fetter says he will need to make me a temporary crown and can get it done and in place by 9:00.  He and his spectacular assistant Leslie never leave my side for the next hour.  I am now home, it's 9:40, bags are packed, new temporary crown is in place. Called Ken and Yumiko and they are all O.K.   So, I am about to take off…..  Hopefully I will have internet connection and can show you a few elephants and lions and leapards as the journey continues….    Gotta love it.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Grand Tetons and Julie's House (Click Photo for Better View)

Have not posted for a while and a lot has been happening.  Ken, Yumiko and I flew out to Jackson, Wyoming the day after the 4th of July to reunionize with all my old Hollins College buddies for a week in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.  First picture is a few of us in a field below the Grand Tetons.  From left that's Kathy Cox, Martha Peter, Bev Catlin, Frank Bond, Julia Gallagher, Yumiko Kono, Ken Kono and yours truly.  Oh what a gorgeous, wonderful place and time we had.

Here's the gang on the porch of our cabin in Idaho.  Back row from right to left is George Phillips (Read's Husband), Lance Baum (Debra's Husband) Read Phillips, Martha Peter, Little George Phillips, Frank Bond, Kathy Cox, Bev Catlin, and Bing Rowe,  Front row from left is Ken Kono, Kitty Kono, Yumiko Kono, Julia Gallagher and Debra Abbott.

The second leg of our trip home was cancelled, so we called Julie and she hosted a wonderful night in Denver with the whole crew.  Here we are from left back row crouching are Yumiko Kono, Ken Kono, Marjorie Baumert, Andrew Silverman, Kitty Kono, Tori and Jofey Silverman.  Front row seated are Julie Riley, Bill Silverman and Charlie Silverman.  Great time, great food, great beds, great sister.