Thursday, August 29, 2013

Katydid on My Knuckle

Most of the time when I am slogging through the tall grass at Valley Forge all the katydids hop away as fast as they can.  But a few days ago, I found one looking for a friend.
This guy was perched on a stem, facing the wrong direction for a portrait.  I  gingerly put my finger near his face and he jumped on and would not let go.    I tried over and over to put him back on the stem, but if I got him back he would walk dejectedly away in the wrong direction.  So I put my finger near him again and he jumped back on and stayed.  Finally I gave up and just took the picture.  (Click his face for better view.)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Nikon Camera Cake

Today is my 61st birthday!!!  And my beautiful, wonderful daughter Yumiko made me thee best most creative birthday cake.  It is a Nikon Camera Cake made from scratch.  Check this out:

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Zanne, Rob, Izzy and Richie Come for a Visit and What a Time We Had!

Richie and Izzy
Richie and Izzy a Little More Relaxed

Izzy Loves Her Mom

Zanne, Rob and Izzy en Pointe


Old Ma and Yumiko

Zanne, Rob and Richie

Father and Daughter

Father and Daughter Two

Two Fathers

Two Relaxed Fathers

Robroy Chalmers 

Yumiko and Ken

Zanne and Izzy

Yumiko and Izzy

Young Beauties

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Indigo Bunting

I've heard the little beautiful Indigo Bunting in Valley Forge for weeks this summer, but always they are too elusive to catch.  But today, while taking pictures of an inch worm, I looked up and there he was looking at me.  I quickly took my macro lens and small tripod back to the car and replaced it with the big lens and heavy tripod, walked back to my spot and the Bunting was there waiting for me.  He posed for some 15 minutes.  I was in love.