Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jet Lag and Trained Monkeys

I think we still have a little jet leg.  Here's what happened today.  First, my dear friend Barbara told me in a very kind way that yesterday was Monday, not Tuesday as I had reported in my blog.   Thank you Barb.

Then later today after Ken and I entertained two representatives from a health insurance company selling Long Term Health Insurance, we decided to go out for dinner.  It was late and I had not even begun cooking.   Yumiko and I got in the car and Ken drove.  The Parkinson's has really slowed Ken in terms of walking, but once he gets in the car - he is a new man.  He has no trouble at all with driving.  We went to our favorite Indian restaurant near Devon, PA and had a great dinner.  By the time we got back in the car it was 9:00 and already dark outside.  Ken drove out of the parking lot and was about to turn right at the light, when a police car pulled up right behind us with lights flashing.  Uh oh.......

The policeman got out of his car and came up to Ken's window and asked him if he realized that he was driving a car that had seven month overdue inspection stickers.  Ken was about to apologize, when I put on my "Global Cooperation" voice and told the policeman we had just gotten home from eleven months in Japan.  He looked in the car and gave all three of us the once over.  Then he asked Ken to hand over his license and registration.  He took the documents and returned to the police car.  We waited and wondered what the heck would happen.  About ten minutes later the policeman came back and said our insurance was current, but we needed to get the car inspected.  He handed us a little card and said if we got it inspected within seven days and sent that little card back to him indicating we had done the right thing, there would be no ticket.  

We thanked him profusely.  Then I asked him how the heck he could tell we were driving with a lapsed inspection.  He told us it was not rocket science.  Somehow every other year the colors on the windshield inspection stickers are reversed.  He could see with just a quick glance we had the wrong colors.   He said a trained monkey could have figured out we were driving an uninspected car.

Well, tomorrow, if we are not arrested again, we will get our cars inspected and send back the little card.

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