Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nobody Liked My Pictures

I went to my second ever Camera Club meeting tonight. The meeting was held in an old Main Line mansion that's been converted into a night school. I brought a little "jump drive" with a few of my favorite recent photos to show to the class. There were quite a few other budding photographers there who got to show their work before mine. Everybody's stuff was pretty darn good - beautiful photos of the Grand Canal in Venice and the Matterhorn rising out of the Swiss Alps and other stuff like that. With all that grandeur, I got a little nervous before my turn came up.

First picture I showed was of a deer in Valley Forge Park. Nobody was crazy about the deer and after looking at it on the screen, I wasn't so crazy about it either. Second up was a butterfly (that I thought was pretty good). Again, the reaction was a little ho hum - another butterfly picture.

Finally, my last shot of the evening was of a stink bug that had landed on our car when Ken and I had parked for a minute in a parking lot at Valley Forge. I LOVE this photo. But somebody asked, "Is that a Stink Bug?" I said yes and the instructor quickly moved onto the next student's portfolio.

Maybe this MainLine camera club just might not be the ticket for me. Ah heck, I'll give it one more try.


  1. A funny bug...Its figure has given me an inspiration of making a character in a children story. Thanks for sharing this photo.

  2. Hi, I found your blog in passing and thought I would share that I think your stink bug photo is fantastic, much like many of your other photos on this page.
    Don't let them get you down! Everyone takes photos of The Canals in Venice and all these "safe ideas". Sure those things are beautiful but the class might be sounding a little smug to me.
    Keep taking pics of things that interest you and make you happy!

    Sorry for the long comment!

    - N.

  3. Thank you N. and Sylvia. You made my day.


  4. Ya, ya..It is wonderful and like a cute UFO. Look at its face,... smiling. I'm wondering, what name I'll give it for my story. Tiny, Stinky, Buggy?... Do you have some ideas? Sometimes I found it in my garden...Would you mind tagging this picture to my e-mail or FB? Thank you.

  5. I LOVE the stink bug photo. I think it's cute and love that I can see all the colors of the rainbow.(heck, I love ALL your photos). Sounds like the photo group can't "see" your photos. Funny for a bunch of folk that like to take pictures. But I think that's the difference between a mediocre photographer and an excellent passionate photographer, their (and your) ability to see. There are great, supportive AMAZING groups on Flickr. I've made friends on Flickr, it's worth checking out again, I think. Good luck with the group.

  6. That stink bug is amazing, and I'm not just saying that to be all nicey-nice. Submit it to a photo contest and when you win you can show off your blue ribbon at the class then flounce out.