Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dreams of a 400mm Lens

I have been dreaming lately of getting a really long lens - maybe a 400mm. The only problem is - they cost more than a house. So.... back while we were in Japan I purchased a wonderful, very inexpensive little gizmo called a 2X extender. It is just a little piece of glass that attaches to the back of a lens on one end and the camera body on the other. When attached, it provides twice as much focal length to the original lens. In other words, it makes my 200mm lens into a 400mm lens. Now there are drawbacks. It slows down the focusing and you need more light to get a good sharp image. But instead of buying the house, I put my little gizmo on my 200mm lens and yesterday went hunting for turkey vultures. These beautiful birds (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) often sit at the top of a some 40 foot trees in Valley Forge. Before yesterday, all I could get were tiny pictures of them and rarely could I see their faces. Well, yesterday, only one bird was resting at the top of the trees, but one was all I needed. I parked my car, hiked through the woods to the tree and pointed my new 400mm lens up to Mr. Turkey Vulture. Here are two portraits of him as he looked down at me and one with him as he took off into the air. Oh such fun...... (Click on the photo to get a really good look at that funny face.)

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