Monday, April 12, 2010

Why I Need a 400mm Lens

I was trying to get good photos of the starlings at Valley Forge, but they were not cooperating. As soon as I got close they would all fly away. I got discouraged and decided to walk up over the ridge and see what was on the other side. And what to my wandering eyes did I see?? But a beautiful mother fox and her four little cubs. I couldn't get very close as she had already spotted me. But....If I had that 400mm lens I've been dreaming about - and maybe put on a 2X extender, these photos would be a lot more fun. In the meantime, just see how cute these guys are.


  1. I think it's time to shoot the lock off your wallet!


  2. Okay..all of those years of toiling at ASTM and you can't buy yourself that lens??? I vote for unlocking that wallet...I , for one, want to see just what you can do with the best equipment...if you are already delivering such awesome shots!!