Saturday, August 14, 2010

Please Don't Tell Ken

Yesterday while kneeling in almost waist high grass in the middle of a field at Valley Forge aiming my macro lens at a katydid on a milkweed, a large man standing far off in the distance on the sidewalk was waving his hands, jumping up and down and shouting at me, "Lady, get out of that field, there are ticks in there." I shouted back in a kind voice, "Thank you sir, I know."

I was out there in the sweltering heat and humidity wearing long pants, tucked into long socks, and hiking boots. I had on a long sleeve light blue shirt buttoned up to my neck and a wide brimmed hat that covers all my hair. Quite a site to behold on a day where the temperature hit above 95 degrees.

Anyway, I emerged from the field, feeling chastened and came on home. Ken would like me to take all my clothes off and burn them before coming into the house, but I just ran upstairs into the bathroom, took off all my clothes, jumped into the shower and scrubbed away. Then I took the clothes downstairs to the basement, threw them into the washing machine and drowned any poor little ticks that may have been clinging to my socks.

Well this morning, guess what I found climbing up the side of the bath tub? Please don't tell Ken.

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