Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Bike Shoes

It was a beautiful morning here in St. Davids. Everybody was feeling good. Ken even suggested a bike ride which was wonderful. We had stored his fancy schmancy three wheeled bike on a top shelf in the garage. I asked our neighbor if he might help me get the bike down, which he did. In the mean time, Ken went to the basement to look for his special VERY EXPENSIVE bike shoes that connect to special pedels on his bike. But they weren't there...... Uh oh.... He came back up into the kitchen and asked me if I knew where they were.


A few weeks ago, I mentioned how we had finally put in a French Drain in the basement. The basement was a total mess for a few months while under going construction, but it was finally finished and then I cleaned out all the bookcases and drawers and donated box after box of old stuff to the Good Will. And guess what went into one of those boxes??? You guessed it, Ken's very special, VERY EXPENSIVE bike shoes. Not good!!!

I confessed and said I really thought they were just an old pair of Ken's sneakers that I thought were too narrow for him to use anymore. NOT GOOD!!!

Ken was not happy. Did a little stormin around, but after a while, he forgave his old batty wife and made due with a different pair of shoes. He had to put a different set of peddals on the bike. But he did that too with the help of our good neighbors. And after all of the excitement, we went on our way and had a wonderful bike ride. We might even ride again tomorrow, if the weather holds.

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  1. lucky you - I once tossed the lone olive that had been waiting all alone in the somewhat fuzzy jar for months and I will never do that again!