Wednesday, January 19, 2011

O.K. Now Don't Tell Anybody This - It's Really Cheating

Yesterday we had a terrible ice storm. It was freezing rain most of the day and a few large branches from a tall evergreen in our backyard came crashing down. I looked out the window and thought it's going to be a lot of work to cut all those branches up into small pieces and haul them out for the trash on Monday. But then, I looked a little closer and saw a few little birdies in the branches and I had a brain storm. Why don't I just pull those branches up close to the big picture window in our family room. And maybe spread a little peanut butter on the limbs and see if I can entice a little birdie or two to pose for the new 400mm lens. Well, no sooner had I dragged a few limbs forward and lined them with peanut butter, when - voila - a little sparrow and a yellow finch took the bait.

I'll keep those branches out there until Monday and see if we get anybody else in the view finder. Isn't life grand.

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