Sunday, February 13, 2011

American Kestrel

I was looking for interesting wildlife this morning at Valley Forge when I saw this little bird sort of drop like a stone from the sky. He landed on a limb near me and I realized he was a small bird of prey and he had a large mouse in his grip. You can also click twice on the falcon and see the little legs of the mouse below the limb.

Please note at I will now include a new caption and a new photograph every day. So go ahead - check out and go back again tomorrow. Go ahead - bookmark it. You will be happy you did. Thank you.


  1. That is an American Kestrel. Another small falcon that is much more common than Merlins. Nice picture though.

  2. Thank you Ryan. I am not a bird expert and truly appreciate your correction. I will change the title of that blog posting.

    Take care,