Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bringing Home the Groceries

This mother fox was hunting today in a newly mown field at Valley Forge. I hid behind a tree at the far edge of the field and watched her catch mole after mole. She would stalk her prey, catch and then drop her catch. Then she gathered everybody up and trotted right up to the tree where I was hiding. I moved just a little to keep photographing, but when she heard me, she dropped everything and took off like a shot into a whole other field. I was probably sitting close to her den. Click if you want to see all those little tails.


  1. That is very cool and a little bit eww! I can't help but think of having a mouth full of mice...

  2. Лиса абсолютно такая же как и в лесах Ленинградской области. Сейчас весна, лиса тощая и голодная.

  3. Colleen, Sorry about the mouth full of mice. What can I say....

    Mr. Banepa, I hope your Russian foxes can find some good food and get a little fatter. Maybe they need to come to Valley Forge and share some of our mice.