Friday, October 12, 2012

The Oven Bird Under the Bush

I have to say I am having way too much fun finding new little birdies every day at Valley Forge.  Today I saw a lot of little flutterers in a large bush so I set up my tripod with the legs very low and sat down and waited for somebody to come into my view finder.  Instead a loud racket ensued.  I could hear a number of little wrens screaming out to their buddies that a big giant with a camera had just invaded their space.  In a few minutes all the noise died down and all the little flutterers flew away.  I decided to just sit and wait to see how long it would take for them to come back.  I sat and waited probably 15 minutes when I heard a little rustle in the leaves.  And there in front of me was this beautiful new bird I hadn't seen before - the "Oven Bird."  Here he is for your viewing pleasure - just a tiny beautiful little bird.

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