Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kestrels in Valley Forge

A few days ago I came across this beautiful little American Kestrel in a tree in Valley Forge.  My friends on Flickr said I should go back to the tree regularly as the spring arrives because most likely this Kestrel will build a nest in the tree.  I went back today but the tree was empty

 I looked far in the distance and thought I saw a kestrel in a tree far off in the field.  When I looked through my 500mm view finder I was thrilled to see two kestrels on a branch of that far off tree.  I slowly walked across the field all along taking pictures hoping they would stay until I got close enough for a good picture.  Finally I got close enough for a close up and you can see if you click on the photo they were quite annoyed.  Soon they flew back across the field to the point where I started.

I walked back the way I came to the original tree and as I walked I saw the two kestrels flying back to the far tree happy to have it to themselves again.  But then I heard another kestrel and looked at the original tree and there was my boy. He was back.  Oh, maybe, just maybe, with all these kestrels, I will be able to witness the building of a nest and maybe a few babies this spring.  Stay tuned.

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