Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Glories of Travel

Well, here is the latest.  I am writing from the lobby computer in our little hot Spring Hotel located on the tip of the Kii Peninsula near Osaka.  We stayed in a wonderful hotel in Kyoto, except in our haste to get to the next train I left my lap top in our guest room in typical Kitty Riley Kono fashion.  Luckily the wonderful Japanese people in the hotel said they would pack up the computer and send it to our apartment in Tokyo so it will arrive when we get back on Friday.  Ugh...... 

This afternoon a huge typhoon is scheduled to hit our hotel and keep hitting it until late this evening.  Everyone says there is nothing to worry about, but we can see all the fishing vessels have come back in from out in the ocean and have tied up at the shoreline and no more boats are going out today.  Oh, the glories of travel.

Ken forgot to bring any reading material and has stolen my book, so I am here writing to all of you.  If we make it through the storm, I will post again tomorrow.  In the mean time, here's a snap shot of Yumiko and Sonia under an ancient bell in Kyoto

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