Saturday, April 19, 2014

We Made it Home and are Still ALIVE!!

Got home from our road trip to Sanibel Island yesterday afternoon and must say we had one heck of a wonderful time, even if I did try to kill Ken on I 95 North because he was overriding the GPS system as I was driving.

Sanibel was magnificent.  We swam every day. It was the first time Ken got in a pool in eight years.  He didn't think he could swim with the Parkinson's, but he got in the shallow end and took to the water like a duck and did a few laps.  Oh - what joy.  Here's Yumiko with new friend Buster.  Buster is the most wonderful dog of our friends Larry and Sharon Cox (next picture) where we stopped for a tasty brunch at their house in Marietta, Georgia on the way down to Florida.

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