Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tanzania and Broken Crowns

Well I am headed to Tanzania this morning for two weeks of what hopefully will be a magnificent adventure of wildlife photography in the Serengeti and surrounding area. But in the mean time - the adventure has already begun.  Ken and Yumiko are in Tokyo and I have been home alone with the kittens for a few days.  Yesterday after a full day of packing and getting the house ready for me being away for two weeks I finally got the chance to sit down and have dinner.  This was not before I had gone outside to fill the little hummingbird feeder and let Tango out for her last gasp of fresh air for two weeks.  I put the trash in the shed, went back in the house for a minute and then back out to bring in Tango.  But no Tango!!!  I searched everywhere - under every bush - neighbor's back yards, down the street.   Finally after a half hour I went back to the shed opened the door and there was my baby sitting smiling and patiently waiting for her ma to let her out.

So, I get back in the house,  and at last sit down with a piece of toast and a single egg for dinner.  Bite into the toast - and voila, my tooth breaks.  I cannot believe it.  This cannot be happening.  My plane will take off in 15 hours at 12:00 noon and I must leave the house by 10a.m..  I call the dentist's office, but now it is 9:00 in the evening so I just leave a message with the answering service.  I look on the internet for what to do about a broken tooth in an emergency and the video I watch does not give me great assurance that I am going to solve this problem.

I go to bed and wake up at 6:00, take a shower and at 7:00 sharp the dentist's office calls and says "Can you get here by 7:45?"  Of course!  I get there.   My wonderful dentist Dr. Ken Fetter says he will need to make me a temporary crown and can get it done and in place by 9:00.  He and his spectacular assistant Leslie never leave my side for the next hour.  I am now home, it's 9:40, bags are packed, new temporary crown is in place. Called Ken and Yumiko and they are all O.K.   So, I am about to take off…..  Hopefully I will have internet connection and can show you a few elephants and lions and leapards as the journey continues….    Gotta love it.

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