Friday, January 2, 2015

Ozoni for Japanese New Year

Every January 1st for the last 20 years Ken has made a special breakfast for us called Ozoni.  He had planned to do so again this year and invited our good friends Hans, Margaret and Michelle.   Because he is recovering in the hospital with pneumonia, I thought I might just take a pass on the ozoni and make scrambled eggs and toast.  But Yumiko would have none of it.  A few days ago she looked up the recipe for ozoni, then went to the Asian grocery store and purchased all the ingredients including all kinds of mushrooms, mochi, fish cakes, daikon, benito flakes, kombu seaweed, tofu, spinach, scallions, Japanese pickles, soba noodles, pickled plums, etc.  While I was in the hospital with Ken, she went to work in the kitchen and produced just a magnificent feast for all of us. About an hour before I came home, Michelle came and joined Yumiko in the preparations - warming up the sake, making green tea, and bringing along her mother's beautiful spinach with sesame.  The table setting was as good as any Japanese restaurant.  Oh what a feast we had.  And we all agreed that we will have a special New Year's celebration again as soon as Ken gets out of the hospital and is able to enjoy it with us.

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