Monday, July 27, 2015

My Little Friend - The Wood Thrush

I got to Valley Forge later than usual today and it was hot, hot, hot.  I could hear the indigo buntings high in the trees and wanted so badly to capture one as they flew down into the field.  I slogged through the tall weeds into a prime spot for indigo bunting watching and just stood and waited.  The buntings were calling back and forth but not coming down.  I was getting hotter and hotter and just praying for something or somebody to come on down and pose.  At one point a little humming bird buzzed me, but flew away too fast for a shot.  I probably stood there for two hours - with just one bunting coming into the field but way too far away for anything.  Dejected I slogged my way across the field scaring a lot of red winged blackbirds, but nothing to show for anything.  Oh I am always so sad when I can't find a little something to come home and play with on my computer.  I walked back up Gulf Road and decided to just go into the woods where the wood thrush play.  And as soon as I got there - there they were.  Oh such a thrill.  And one little guy came down and posed for me as if to say, "Here you are Miss Kitty.  Take my picture, sooth your heart and go on home and be happy.  And come back tomorrow.  We will be here."  And that is just what I did.

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