Thursday, June 2, 2016

Miracle Visit to Japan

It's Thursday afternoon, June 2.  I'm here in the family room with Ken and we are both finally getting over a very heavy case of jet lag.  We got home on May 31 from an incredible trip to Tokyo.  Many friends and family thought we were totally crazy for even attempting a trip like this with all the challenges Ken faces.  However, we decided a few months ago to just make the plan.  Life is short.  Do what you dream you want to do and if the angels are on your side you will have a trip of a life time with memories to cherish.  And so it was.  Dear Yumiko was our calming influence every single hour of every single day, providing stability, common sense and lots of take out meals of delicious sushi, etc.  Our magnificent Jessica was Care Giver in Chief and took care of Ken when I ran out of gas every day.  Below are a few photos that document a week of reunions with Ken's sister Takae San and her family, Ken's sister-in-law Sumiko San and her family, and so many friends from Hibiya High School and Keio University. Oh what a time we had.  And I am not telling any of the real stories that truly made this a wild and wonderful ride.  You wouldn't believe them anyway.
Ken and Kitty on the Plane (Business Class!!!!!) just before we landed in Tokyo

Yumiko and Jessica - two peas in a pod who made life better for all of us.

Below - Yumiko and her favorite cousin Izumi Chan

Ken reunited with his sister Takae San at the apartment where we stayed, with Yumiko and Jessica looking on
Ken's college friends Norio Mahira and his wonderful wife Sylvia who visited on Thursday.

Ken's best friends from Hibiya High School (from left Kashiwada San, Machijiri San, 
Matsumoto San and Mogami San) who went above and beyond the call of duty by 
providing transport back and forth to the airport (two hour drive each way), organizing 
a spectacular reunion party with 14 classmates, and being there for us on call for 
any and all potential issues. Better friends one could never have.

Celebrating in style with Ken's many friends from Hibiya High School 
Yumiko with Cousin Nao
Cousins Nao and Yuko with Yumiko
Takae San and Sons Masataka and Atchan and their families visiting on 
Saturday Morning
Ken and Yumiko with Nephew Shin (right) and his wife Wakana (left) and their 
sons Masato and Kento

Ken with Niece Mami Chan and her husband Toshichika and Nephew Shin
Mogami San and Fumi San and all the goodies she prepared

Sumiko Kono, Ken's sister-in-law and all her family visited on Saturday Afternoon
Ken's friends from Keio University visiting on Monday

Back at the Airport - Our Last Group Photo before we Head Back Home.  Truly a Miracle Trip!

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