Sunday, May 28, 2017

Momma Coyote - But not the Pups

My friend and wonderful photographer Christian Hunhold published a beautiful photograph of one of the coyote pups in Valley Forge yesterday.  It was so good I made him promise to take me to where he had found them as I have not seen any of the coyotes for a good month.  We went to the location today and waited and waited and waited.  I was inspecting little bugs on grass stalks and just looked up for a minute and there was Momma on the ridge overlooking Christian and me.  She was as relaxed as she could be, but we could tell she was a little annoyed that we had interrupted her plans with the babes.  They did not make an appearance.  It was still a thrill to see her.  And here she is for your viewing pleasure:  (Click that old girl for a better look.)

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