Saturday, October 21, 2017

A Lid for Every Pot

Yesterday after a great lunch in Philadelphia with an old friend I came home just needing to get out to the fields of Valley Forge.  I was looking for the coyotes but also had my macro lens in case of a good bug.  I found the crane fly, a very interesting but difficult insect to photograph.  The crane fly looks like a huge mosquito with long, long legs and wings often wide open and a really long snout and beautiful psychedelic eye if the light hits it correctly.  They are all over the fields these days, but I have such trouble getting them fully in the frame.  So I found one yesterday low in the grass.  The only way to get him was to lay down deep in the weeds and shoot up.  As I was doing this, I first scared a runner who was running in the middle of the field and almost stepped on me.  Then another man walked by and was totally startled when I stood up.  I think I must have looked a little frightening, so I tried to calm him down by acting like a normal human being and just said I was taking pictures of insects.  His gruff response, "I guess there is a lid for every pot."  Oh dear.

Here's my little crane fly whose long legs I could not get in the frame.  Please click on him to see that psychedelic eye.  Lid for every pot.  humph......

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