Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Good Morning Mr. or Mrs. Owl

I was quietly walking the path in the woods in Valley Forge yesterday looking for the owl.  As I was looking up, there he was looking down at me on a very low branch with eyes wide open.  So close he took my breath away.  I whispered, "Please just stay there while I set up my tripod and take your picture." As I bent down to look through the view finder, he was gone -disappeared silently in an instant.  I looked around and there he was on a much higher branch a few yards away.  I asked him to please hold on and let me get a better vantage point.  He said O.K. and I stepped over a few fallen logs, set up my tripod, talked to him a little more and took his picture.  Oh, this beauty - hope there is a family coming soon to the woods in Valley Forge.

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