Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Ravens and Their Nest

At first I just heard their interesting voices which carried all the way up the newly created meadow to the edge of the woods where I was standing in Valley Forge.  Their voices belonged to a pair of mating ravens.  I could see them flying into and landing on the stone wall just above the old coyote den, so I took my big lens and walked down into the meadow and back up the hill and found the nest.  Then Mr. Raven came flying back with a treat for Mrs. Raven.
Then I saw a hawk sitting in a tree watching the ravens and their nest.  Not a good sign.  The hawk saw me and flew into the dense brush near the nest.  That's when Mr. Raven took off after the hawk and chased him away.  Oh I hope the hawk does not steal the baby ravens once they are born.  It is a cruel world out there!!  (Click on the photos for a better view.)

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