Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Back from Namibia

It's early Tuesday morning  July 17 and I've been back three days from a month long trip to Southern Africa.  We traveled by road some 3,500 miles from Uppington, South Africa, through Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in Botswana and then spending close to three weeks exploring the absolute beauty of Namibia.  I have thousands and thousands and thousands of photographs to go through, but it will be pure joy.  Our leader, Todd Gustafson was beyond the beyond.  So smart, so funny, so human, so gifted.  And his beautiful wife Julie - there are no better people than these two on this planet.  The stories they could tell.  They are both gifted musicians (trumpets) and know every song in the book.  And know all the players.  One of the hundreds of great memories was driving predawn with the moon lighting our way in our Land Rover at high speed on a dusty road to capture the sunrise at a place called Dead Vlei in the farthest reaches of the park.  Gorgeous sand dunes and mountains bordering us on both sides of the road and "What a Marvelous Night for a Moon Dance" blaring on the tape recorder.  A lot of seat dancing going on in my seat with tears of joy coming down my face.  Oh what a trip.  Here are a few first photos:  (Click on photo for better viewing.)
Momma Cheetah - We held our breath as she posed for us on top of the termite mound

Sunset from my window along the Atlantic Coast of Namibia

The Pregnant Meerkat

Baby Cheetah with Mom and Sister 

Gorgeous Sand Dunes of the Namibia Desert

Sunset on the Quiver Tree Forest

Brothers Singing a Duet

Mom and the Kids

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