Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Himba Tribe

The indigenous people of Northern Namibia are semi nomadic farmers.  They dress in traditional clothing with skirts made of calfskins and not much else except for traditional jewelry and sandles.
The women covered themselves in an orange ochre/butter paste to keep themselves protected from the sun and clean as it is a very dry environment.  They were very welcoming and came up to us when we first arrived and shook our hands.  We communicated just by being there and trying our best to communicate.  Difficult to do when you don't know each other's language.  But, as you can see by the last photo, they were very interested in our photographs.  I am showing them their pictures on the back of the camera.  Click to see how bad my hair was that day.
Himba Tribe

Himba Boy

Himba Dancer

Everyone was interested in their photographs on the back of my camera.

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