Wednesday, November 28, 2018

We are here in Costa Rica

Yumiko and I arrived two days ago and what an adventure it has been already!!  Yumiko was carrying two cameras and two lenses in her back pack as we were heading off to photograph the baby turtles emerging from the sand and running out to the sea.  As she was walking she mentioned to me the walkway was mighty slippery.  And before we knew it, she had slipped down on her back - SLAM!!  She was totally O.K., but when we opened the camera covers, glass everywhere.....  Luckily only the glass filters on each camera had shattered.  The lenses and cameras were just fine.  Sheesh.....  Here are a few photos from yesterday's shoot.
Yumiko and fellow photographer Scott taking pictures of baby turtles returning to the sea

Three Toed Sloth welcoming us to Costa Rica

Spider Monkey not too thrilled we have arrived in Costa Rica

Little Red Eyed Frog taken last night in the garden  of our hotel

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