Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Brand New Gift-Wrapped Zebra Foul

On our last day in Tanzania, we were in Ngorongoro Crater - one of the largest sanctuaries for African wildlife in the world.  It is the birthing season in Tanzania.  All the wildebeest have their babies at the same time as there is safety in numbers.  We saw lots and lots and lots of brand new baby wildebeest, but were even more thrilled when one of our crew recognized a Zebra Mom about to give birth to her foul.  We waited as she lay down, gave a few pushes, and voila - there was the newest little creature in the crater - still gift wrapped for all to see.  The baby was up in minutes and running around mom in ten minutes.  It is a game of survival for all these little beings and amazing to see how quickly the instinct to survive kicks in.

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