Sunday, March 21, 2021

Bluebird and the Fly - Spring has Sprung!!

     I had an exceptional Sunday afternoon with a pair of bluebirds in Valley Forge National Park.  When I parked in the parking lot I saw a bluebird fly into the woods.  I hiked into the woods to find him and there he was with the Mrs.  He flew further and further into the woods.  Finally I pulled out my cell phone and played a little bluebird song.  He and she came rushing back to find out who was singing.  It was a long long recording and I just let it go.  The bluebirds at first were very skittish.  But after about a half hour they got used to me and actually kept flying away and then would come back.  The female would fly away, the male, who was very friendly and inquisitive would fly after her but always come back and she would follow.  Here are a few photos:


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