Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Yumiko Graduated!!! She is a Certified Physician Assistant!!!

 She did it!  She worked so hard for so long from the day she entered medical school.  Yumiko has poured her heart into her studies.  And on Friday, July 29 at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, that young woman walked up on stage and received her Masters Degree.  Cannot tell you how proud we all are.  Here are a  few photos from the graduation:


  1. Hi Kitty..what a marvelous occasion! You must be so proud! I’m wondering if I could purchase copies of 2 of these pics? By your count #18 Yumiko and Jess and #30 Barb and Yumiko. I hear that you’re married and happy which is so special to hear especially at this stage of life!

  2. Didn’t mean to be anonymous..this is Kathy Sherman from Michigan!