Saturday, June 3, 2023


We are here in Svalbard, Norway for a long awaited adventure to explore the Arctic Ocean on a small boat with nine other photographers, led by the fabulous, Denise Ippolito.  We all got here a day in advance to ensure no snafus.  So before we actually take off tomorrow, Denise found us a catamaran to take a seven hour cruise around the islands of Svalbard and see what we could see.  The sun is bright and shines 24 hours every day this time of year, making it difficult for good photography, but here are a few shots from our trip just for fun:  Click photo for best viewing.
Land of the Midnight Sun

The Minke Whale

Seventeen Arctic Terns on a Ice Flow

The Arctic Ocean and Gorgeous Landscapes

Another Landscape

More Ancient Geology


The Walrus Taking a Deep Breath

Black Legged Kittywakes Fishing near the Melting Arctic Ice

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