Sunday, October 8, 2023

Back to Kenya

I had the greatest pleasure to go back to Kenya for 15 days in late September and early October.  It was an incredible experience once again.  Led by the great photographers Denise Ippolito and Paul Mckenzie, we all learned so much about light, patience and going with the flow.  For the first time I had the chance to stay in a hide in the ground all night with the wildlife coming right up to us and drinking from a watering hole.  Also had the chance to fly over the salt lakes of Kenya in a tiny helicopter without doors and photographed the gorgeous landscapes and thousands and thousands of flamingos.  Here are a few of the many scenes that crossed my lens.

Pelicans and Flamingos from the Helicopter over the Salt Lakes

Reflection from the Helicopter

Three of Four Baby Cheetahs

Running Elephant - Amboseli

Elephant at Dawn - Amboseli

Elephant on Dry Lake Bed - Amboseli

Momma Cheetah and her Four Cubs

Water Buck

Porcupine at the Watering Hole - Lentorre

Servile Cat - Lenore

Servile Cat - Lenore

Kenyan Landscape over Dry Soda Lakes - From Helicopter

Baby Cheetah

Masai Herdsman with Goats

Cheetah Getting a Licking - Maasai Mara

Flamingos over Lake from Helicopter

Elephant and Dust - Lentorre

Cheetah Lurking Around Corner - Lentorre

Bee Eaters Eating Bee - Maasai Mara

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