Tuesday, February 27, 2024

The Wood Frogs Have Arrived

I was walking the path through the woods off of Ship Road near our house today and I could hear the wood frogs calling.  They have a cackling sound - sort of like chickens in the yard.  I slowly made my way through the thick brush to a vernal pool where there must have been at least 100 frogs all doing their wonderful mating dance.  They stopped cackling when they sensed I was there.  I circled the pool to get in the right light and settled down along the pool.  Nobody said a word.  No sound at all.  So I decided to play the sound of wood frogs on my cell phone.  It took a few minutes but the frogs listened and got comfortable and before I knew it, they were all cackling away again.  The boys blowing up their air sacks and chasing the girls around the pool.  Here is a beautiful male floating on the pool - in the first photo he has not blown up his air sacks.  In the second one - he's blown up.


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