Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Julie, Suzy and Marjorie are coming!! And an old cat.

It's Wednesday morning and my sisters and their friend Marjorie are coming to Tokyo this Saturday for ten days!! Yikes.  I need to get in high gear to make sure all goes well.  We will be traveling to Kyoto and Hiroshima and to Mt. Fuji.  I am doing the navigating this time, as Ken will stay home with Yumiko.  I hope we don't end up in North Korea.

In the meantime, yesterday was a beautiful beautiful spring day.  Ken and I had lunch in our favorite little tempura place near the Gaienmai train station.  In the morning on my way back from school I saw an old kitty cat sitting in an alley behind a window and took her picture as she looked back at me.  Here she is.

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