Friday, May 8, 2009

Portrait in the Rain

It rained all day today.  The weatherman says there is a typhoon brewing out in the Pacific Ocean.  Although we could have taken the train, Yumiko and I braved the torrential rain and slogged our way to school.  I veered off and took a million not-so-hot photographs in wet Arisugawa Park.  Nothing great to show for it except soaking feet.  This afternoon, I began a new photo class - this one will concentrate on portraits for the next four weeks.  I have avoided taking people photographs for most of this year because I am too shy to ask anybody to pose for me, especially because I don't know how to ask such a question in Japanese.  But I did get Yumiko to come back out after school during a short break in the rain and took this shot in the little woods behind our apartment.   

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