Monday, October 18, 2010

Adrian and Christina Get Married

Back when Ken, Yumiko and I were living in Tokyo we met a young man who was stationed on a ship in the Sea of Japan. His name was Adrian Rodzianko. He is the nephew of my brother Peter's wife Anna. We fell in love with Adrian over the year we were in Japan. He is just a fine, fine person. One day his fiance Christina came to Tokyo from New York and Adrian brought her to
visit us in our little apartment. She was beautiful and funny and they made a great couple. We were thrilled to get an invitation to their wedding which took place on Long Island this past weekend. Here are a few photos taken from way behind a lot of people in a very crowded little Russian Orthodox church.


  1. Wow! I knew Adrian from his earliest days in the Navy. It's fascinating to see how small the world gets (when you can meet a relative half-way around the world). If you have the opportunity, please send my Congratulations and Best Wishes to Adrian and Christina.

    Kelvin Reed

  2. Kelvin,

    I've forwarded this on to Adrian. Take care,

    Kitty Kono