Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hippie Nursery Web Spider

It was a wet cold morning - a great time for spiders in Valley Forge Park. I got there a little before nine and they were EVERYWHERE. It was even a bit too creepy for me, but deep down inside I was thrilled to see all those spider webs lined with thousands of little drops of water. I saw one big fat spider after another waiting for her prey in the middle of each of the webs. I was carrying a big blue camera bag, and put the bag down on the ground, so I could set up my tripod and start taking pictures.

In one web I saw a grasshopper had just gotten caught. A big orb weaver spider walked down her web, put out her claws and began turning the grasshopper around and around as she spun silk fibers trapping him in the web. You can see the orb spider and grasshopper on the home page at When I was finally finished, I went to retrieve my camera bag and there on the top was a big, beautiful nursery web spider. Take a look at his wonderful expression. With that mustache and beard, I'm sure he was a hippie in his younger days.

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