Friday, November 19, 2010

16 Point Buck That Got Away

I promise this is a true story. I was walking through the tall weeds along a stream at the John Heinz Nature Preserve. As I was walking, I heard a large animal in the brush, so I stopped dead in my tracks. Then through the brush I saw the eye of a pretty doe. I took her picture and then heard more noise. Another deer was in the brush. I readied my camera and a huge (let me exaggerate here) 16 point buck at least - charged past me chasing the little doe who had taken off a few seconds before. I didn't have a chance at a shot. But I promise there were a lot of points on that rack. I got back on the trail and ran ahead where I thought they may be. I waited a long time crouching behind a tree, but they were not gonna let me get another good look. Oh, what could have been.

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