Monday, November 8, 2010

Centipede in the Powder Room

Well, I guess I knew it would come to this. It's gotten very cold here in St. Davids. We had our first frost and all the lovely bugs have gone into hibernation. I'd been having a terrible case of withdrawal until this morning when I walked into the powder room and there to my wandering eyes was a beautiful little centipede waiting for me under the sink. I told him to stay there until I could retrieve a little plastic container from the kitchen. I ran back to the powder room and he was still there, probably getting a little excited about the prospect of having his picture taken. I scooped him up in the container, put the lid on and we took a trip down into the basement where I have a little portrait studio. I turned on the portrait lights, attached my macro lens to my camera and took his picture. He stood still long enough to get a few shots. Take a good look at those little black eyes and all those legs. If you click on him you can see him even better.

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