Tuesday, March 15, 2011

X-RATED (Must be Spring)

Today, I was innocently walking past the pond at Eastern University. Two beautiful Canada Geese had just landed at the far end of the pond. I noticed they were dunking their heads into the water one after the other over and over again. I started taking pictures just to capture the geese with the water droplets on their faces, when all of a sudden I realized I was in the midst of their mating ritual. Rather than turn my head and give them some privacy, I decided to stick with it. And oh my.... it was some ritual. That nasty old boy grabbed the girl by the hair on her head, dunked her in the water repeatedly, then stood on top of her, and after it was all over, he raised his wings in triumph. While all along, the poor girl, just went along for the ride. Take a look for yourselves. Click twice for best view.

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