Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yet Another Love Story

About a week ago I missed a great opportunity to photograph some wild turkeys at the John Heinz Nature Preserve. Well, this morning I got my chance. I got to the Nature Preserve just about dawn. It was still pretty dark outside and I could hear the wild turkeys gobbling in the woods where they were roosting. I set up the camera and began to photograph the turkeys in the woods. They were making a racket and I could see all the boys were showing off their colors and big tails to all the girls. After a few minutes they came out of the woods close to the parking lot and before I knew what was happening one of the boys stepped on top of one of the girls, flattening her to the ground. He sort of walked all over her back and she acted as if she was getting a good foot massage. Another boy turkey approached with his tail feathers all displayed and tried to hone in on all the action, but he could not prevail. The original male kept walking on the girl's back for a long time, then he did what good turkeys do. I was so amazed to see all this happening right in front of me. Finally when it was all over, the girl got up, shook herself off and ran away.

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