Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Home, Home on the Range

Last night about 6:00, I finally got off the plane after some 24 hours from Arusha, Tanzania to Dar As Salam to Amsterdam to New York to Philadelphia International and into the arms of Ken and Yumiko  and Hsiumei who were all waiting patiently in the baggage claim area.  So great to be home and see my beloveds.  And, oh what a magnificent two weeks.  Cannot even begin to say how wonderful it all was.  The wildlife was spectacular - wildebeest migration, lions and more lions and more lions, and leopards, and elephants, and oh the birds!!!  The accommodations were over the top - way beyond expectation.  And all the fellow safareeites could not have been more fun, more adventurous.  I'll post a few photos for a few days to give you a flavor of what we saw.  Here's one of a lion charging a hyena who had ventured too close to the lion's recent buffalo kill.  (Click photo for better view.)

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