Sunday, October 25, 2015

Research on Parkinson's

A few days ago Ken and I heard a broadcast on National Public Radio about a new study done on a drug called Nilotinib.  The drug is being used for cancer patients, but it was used by two neurologists from GeorgetownUniversity Hospital in Washington D.C. on a small group of Parkinsons patients.  The study included only 12 patients, but after six months all 12 got better - some dramatically.  One man in a wheel chair was able to get up and walk.  Others who could not speak could talk again. The little study is certainly not enough to introduce the new drug, but it was such a ray of hope for this family.  We have contacted the two neurologists and asked that maybe Ken could be put in a future trial.  His neurologist is not very supportive and we realize it's a very long shot, but we will continue to see if we can do anything to make this happen.  The results of the study will be published in the journal below.  I put it here so I could make sure to have a copy of the study as soon as it is published.

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